How to choose wall shelves

Practical wall-mounted shelves for books will help you organize the storage of not only prints, but also family photos in frames, toys, various collections, figurines and other interior decor. Having thoroughly studied the main types of shelves, you can easily choose furniture designs in any style for the living room, hallway, library, study, children's room, kitchen, bedroom and even a bathroom.

Materials used in the manufacture of wall-mounted bookshelves:

  • Chipboard is an inexpensive laminated board. It is from chipboard that the vast majority of cabinet furniture is made. This means that it will be easy to choose and buy open ready-made shelves on the wall in a specific color scheme.
  • MDF is a material of the middle price category. Most often used in the production of facades. The MDF furniture body is made in cases of presumptive installation in rooms with high humidity, temperature changes and other aggressive factors affecting the integrity of the furniture.
  • Natural array. It is rarely used, since the cost of bookshelves made of wood is an order of magnitude higher than models made of chipboard. As the preferred material, it is used for interior decoration in rustic and classic styles.

Types of wall shelves

Before choosing functional shelves, you should decide on the purpose and place of installation (the location of the shelves on the wall).

  • Models for books. Often these are completely open options, sometimes with a glass façade. The distance between horizontal surfaces varies with respect to the height of textbooks, encyclopedias, collections of poetry and prose - from 200 to 400 mm.
  • Furniture designs are universal. Suitable for storing prints, as well as miniature collection items, compact children's toys, photos from family archives, various vases and figurines. The appearance and overall dimensions are selected individually.
  • Wall shelves partially covered by facades. A functional option that allows you to arrange not only items that you want to put on display, but also things that need to be hidden from prying eyes.

Also, hanging shelves are classified according to the design style. If you want to choose wall-mounted lightweight structures for a room with an interior of a specific theme, you need to more carefully study the photos of finished products and choose those that harmoniously fit into a specific room design.