Reliability. Efficiency. Reputation.
Contract manufacturing of furniture for the needs of your business is one of our key activity areas. "KompaniT" has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing new, and most importantly, large batches of products. The convenient location of the company in the central part of Eastern Europe, clear and transparent terms of business, European quality and minimum production costs give tangible advantages of cooperation with the furniture factory "KompaniT".
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Our capabilities:
Expansion of operations
We are interested in the development of our partners and are always ready to scale the volumes, due to our production capacity.
Product range
There are more than 400 types of own products in the warehouses. There is the possibility of production of our types under your trademarks. We can also develop and launch the serial production of your products.
Individual packaging, branding, instructions
Adapting of the product to the needs of your market
Benefits of White Label
The production volume of more than 500 thousand products per year, direct supplies of materials and components, optimization of the production process make it possible to set the most competitive price on the market.
A separate production line for working under the White Label program, which is equipped with the most modern equipment, allows us to be confident in the high quality of our products.
We offer the best indicators in terms of production time among all the Ukrainian manufacturing companies. The factory is ready to ship more than 10 thousand products per week under the White Label program.
Examples of White Label products
When your task is to establish the supply of a certain type of product, our company will provide the optimal result with strict compliance with deadlines and international quality standards for furniture products
How do we work?
Technical task
We get the TOR for the production of products. We study the specifications, assembly drawings and get acquainted with the regional specifics of your business.
Technical documentation
The design department develops technical documentation
Development of a prototype
The production department makes a prototype, packs, optimizes the weight and transfers the data for further processing of the order
Presentation and contract
We present test samples, materials and packaging. We discuss delivery details. We sign the contract
We launch the first batch into production
The White Label products are manufactured in a separate workshop with new equipment, an aspiration system and a separate product and packaging quality control area
We prepare products for shipment
Loading on pallets, packing pallets, shipping and logistics support
We strive to be better
We work with feedback, improve the products and the production process
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10 000
satisfied customers
years on the market
500 000
products manufactured per year
50 000
Numeric controlled panel sizing centre SELCO WN 6
The industrial equipment is the result of technological research for top class performance. The equipment is designed for factories with high productivity and for processing batches of products with high requirements for the quality of the products.
Numeric controlled panel sizing centre SELCO WN 6
Numerical control processing centre BIESSE SKIPPER 130 CNC
The “Skipper” is able to machine all 6 panel faces simultaneously in a new revolutionary way in one single step, including dowel insertion. This machine quickly solves problems with non-standard products and large batches of semi-finished products
Numerical control processing centre BIESSE SKIPPER 130 CNC
Edge banding machines HOMAG EDGETEQ S-500
The single-sided “EDGETEQ S-500” provides high-precision gluing of the edge material and its subsequent processing. The machining process is automated and allows us to achieve perfect quality of gluing at large production volumes
CNC processing centre BIESSE ROVER K SMART
Milling and addition of MDF, chipboard panels, production of furniture facades on high-precision equipment allow us to sell large batches for customers with high requirements for product quality and subsequent easy assembly by the end user
CNC processing centre BIESSE ROVER K SMART
Cutting-creasing machine LCR QUARK 2800
Product packaging is one of the most important stages of production. Depending on the delivery requirements, we use 3-or 5-layer cardboard and expanded polystyrene. If it is necessary for the package to pass the crash test, we will implement this task
Cutting-creasing machine LCR QUARK 2800
Pallet wrap machine ROBOPAC Ecoplat Plus
Packaging of the pallet with stretch film for the entire height of the product ensures reliable and safe transportation of the batch of goods to your warehouse
Pallet wrap machine ROBOPAC Ecoplat Plus
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