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We spend one third of our time sleeping. Hence, our salary level, car make and opportunity to have good fun are not the only things which define the quality of our lives. Every morning your mood depends on how long and how well you have slept. KOMPANIT Company offers a wide range of single and double beds which will not only help you to get a comfortable and healthy night’s sleep, but also will blend in perfectly with your bedroom interior. For your children’s room, you can choose a bunk bed with drawers to store things. Please turn to the dealers of the KOMPANIT company, if you want to buy beds in Kiev or Ukraine.


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Product detail

Characteristics of the product


Width: 1000 mm.
Height: 800 mm.
Depth: 2058 mm.
Recommended size of mattress -2010×910 mm.

Packing size: KROVAT”-100 MDF – 2015х907х64 mm.

Weight: 60,4 kg. +/- 5%


Material: MDF

Color of chipboard: Wenge, Alder, Nut Ecco, Apple tree, Oak Sonoma, Nymphaea Alba.