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Writing desks

A writing desk is a highly important furniture item for kids as well as adults. Preschoolers need a desk to study basic literacy, drawing, making playdough models and other classes aimed at motor development. Schoolers use a writing desk during their whole study life. Books, exercise notes, albums and tools for arts and crafts should be kept in the drawers. Perhaps for high schoolers and students, it will be better to have a computer desk instead of a writing one. In any case, a selection of models in different colours of the laminated chipboard will allow you to buy a desk which will suit your interior in the best possible way.


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Product detail

Characteristics of the product


Width: 900 mm.
Height: 750 mm.
Depth: 900 mm.

Packing size: UCHENIK-2 900х900х48 mm.

Weight: 23,4 kg. +/- 5%
Material: laminated chipboard

Color of chipboard: Beech, Wenge, Alder, Nut Ecco, Apple tree, Oak Sonoma, Nymphaea Alba.


Product construction videoguide