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Office cabinets

A huge assortment of office and den cabinets includes a great number of models of different sizes and specifications. Due to the KOMPANIT company you will find a cabinet which will match your room interior. We offer cabinets with open shelves, cabinets with mirrored and unglazed doors as well as narrow and broad, front and corner cabinets. The cabinets designed for documents storage either in folders or stationery boxes have an appropriate shelving height. Small yet spacious unglazed stands for printers and coffee-machines will come in handy to store a lot of things inside. Our cupboards are suitable for placing space-saving plants, prizes and decorations.


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Product detail

Characteristics of the product


Width: 600 mm.
Height: 1950 mm.
Depth: 366 mm.

Packing size: KSH-6 1956х352х90 mm.

Weight: 36,5 kg. +/- 5%
Material: laminated chipboard

Color of chipboard: Beech, Wenge, Alder, Nut Ecco, Apple tree, Oak Sonoma, Nymphaea Alba.


Product construction videoguide