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Kitchen corner sofas

Kitchen corner sofas will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. It will become your favourite family tradition to get together around the dining table. A wide selection of models of the kitchen corner sofas vary in sizes and finishing. Various colours of the laminated chipboard and a huge number of the furnishing fabric and faux leather styles will let you choose a corner sofa for your kitchen interior. Our kitchen corner sofas have storage space underneath. Hence, you can store all the necessary household items there. Choosing the KOMPANIT company you will easily select a kitchen table of an appropriate size and colour which matches the corner sofa.


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Product detail

Characteristics of the product


Width: 1600 mm.
Height: 833 mm.
Depth: 1200 mm.

Packing size: KORSIKA part-1 970х655х68 mm.

Weight: 21,3 kg. +/- 5%
Packing size: KORSIKA part-2 600х600х360 mm.

Weight: 14,2 kg. +/- 5%

Packing size: KORSIKA part-3 600х600х360 mm.

Weight: 6 kg. +/- 5%

Material: laminated chipboard. Upholstery, fabric and imitation leather.

Color of chipboard: Beech, Wenge, Alder, Nut Ecco, Apple tree, Oak Sonoma, Nymphaea Alba.

Color of the upholstery material: Boston Brown, Boston Gold, Boston Gray, Boston Chocolate, Toronto Brown, Bordeaux, Bronze, Red, Gray, Ivory.