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Chests of drawers

Chests of drawers are an irreplaceable furniture unit for homes and flats. A big number of typical sizes of the chests of drawers makes it possible to easily choose a suitable furniture item. Chests of drawers are placed in bedrooms to store your bed linen, towels and clothing. A chest of drawers will come in handy in the children’s room so that your children could adapt to a discipline from an early age. In living rooms or hallways, you will not find a better thing to store your documents and papers in than a chest of drawers. You can put a phone, keys or pad on the chest of drawers. A wide variety of veneer colours of each model allows choosing a dresser for either a classic room or a modern one.


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Product detail

Characteristics of the product


Width: 804 mm.
Height: 986 mm.
Depth: 448 mm.

Packing size: KOMOD-2D – 955х450х150 mm.

Weight: 37,6 kg. +/- 5%
Material: MDF

Color of chipboard: Wenge, Alder, Nut Ecco, Apple tree, Oak Sonoma.


Product construction videoguide