Several reasons why you need to buy ready-made furniture

The economic principles of market development are valid in any sector of goods and services. Each product has its own customer. Although a clear tendency to personify each client and personal communication “brand-consumer” persistently dictates orientation to an individual approach, there are good reasons to buy ready-made furniture out of availability.

First, finished furniture is produced according to the specified size and design, developed by professionals. Therefore, buying ready-made factory furniture you are already insured against the ridiculous taste of a half-educated designer who designs furniture according to the principle “I’m an artist – I see it so”. The professional designer and the designer of the company KOMPANIT design modern furniture proceeding from features of planning of standard habitation, standards of ergonomics, actual colors and materials.
Secondly. Furniture serial production is cheaper than custom furniture due to the fact that the factory buys large amounts of materials, accessories and components. Therefore, serial furniture has a lower cost and more attractive price.

Thirdly. When buying ready-made furniture, you buy the product from the availability. Delivery and assembly, depending on the terms of sale of a retail store in your area, can take from several minutes to several days. While custom-made furniture will be manufactured at best for 1.5-2 months.
Fourth, fibreboard, varnishes, consumables used by large furniture factories, pass obligatory certification for compliance with environmental requirements. Furniture products are controlled by GOSTs. Therefore, ready furniture in the house is a guarantee of safety of your health and well-being of your loved ones.

Factory furniture is available in approved colors, which have not changed for many years. New shades can be added to the factory veneers palette. But traditionally popular colors such as “walnut”, “wenge”, “oak”, “mahogany” remain unchanged. Therefore, ready furniture can always be completed with necessary interior items in the future, if there is a need. This fact makes it possible to quietly plan the budget and not worry about the coincidence of shades and design of the curbstone for TV and shelves, a bedroom cabinet and bedside tables, a kitchen corner and stools.

Contact your nearest KOMPANIT dealer in your area, choose the computer model you like, a wardrobe or documents, an entrance hall or a shoe cabinet and make your life comfortable. Buy a kitchen corner, a writing or dining table, chest of drawers, a hanger and other pieces of furniture for the living room, kitchen, bedroom or office, you can have any dealer COMPANY KOMPANIT in your area. Buy ready-made furniture from the availability of profitable and convenient with the company KOMPANIT!